Blue Monday: old and new seat


i am sharing today at MELLOW YELLOW MONDAY and BLUE MONDAY the new look of our family room…

before we bought the new sofa set below, i knew i had to place these old country-style seating pieces here, instead of selling them as what other friends keep telling me. i love the contrast of the mahogany floor rug against the dark wood pieces accentuated by a blue painting on the wall, the blue towering jar on the side, and, few hints of small yellows as decors.

i’ve been eyeing for a new sofa for some months now, and when luck came knocking in…i grabbed this brown/ecru seater


my only concern now is…the blue curtains which i patiently sewed in time for the holidays became alienated with the newest arrival in our home :))) the only thing…THE RUBY NETBOOK SEEMS TO JIBE IN THE AREA…isn’t it?

Linking this post to RUBY TUESDAY, as well…

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  1. You’ve done a lot of work; you should be proud.

    Happy Blue Monday, Clarizza.


  2. Love your couch! Happy New Year!
    Mellow Yellow Monday


  3. I love the first picture. I’m glad you didn’t let your friends talk you into selling that furniture.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  4. Everything looks lovely and that couch can sure hold a lot of people. Can you sew a brown edge on your drapes or something because they are really lovely. Happy Blue Monday.


  5. The way you arranged and redid things looks very nice. I really like the painting.


  6. Love that vase ate!


    My blue Monday post.


  7. lovely photos, nice couch and the red notebook
    have time to visit my entry for this week ruby tuesday 🙂


  8. thanks for the visit sis! nice couch/sofa! my hubby and i are also planning to buy a new set, we are actually eyeing for wood because the one we have now, the usual fabric sofa is a haven for dust, dust mites and all sorts of bacteria. it has caused colds and cough, oftentimes to my son. but i still love to have a fabric sofa, maybe later when my son grows older… thanks again for the visit! have a nice day! care to exlinks?


  9. your couch looks really nice


  10. ganada ng mga sets nyo!

    Have a nice MYM & bm
    Lifemoto MYM


  11. Napakasipag mo naman mommy riz. i like your arrangement


  12. Very beautiful place.


  13. ang gaganda ng mga decorations mo, dito sa amin di pwede ang babasagin, kundi mugmog mong pupulutin yan. siguro ilang years pa ang hintayin ko to beautify my house..


    • Posted by riz on January 11, 2011 at 2:42 am

      naku, madami ng nabasag, liz, kahinayang ko nga…6yrs old na si bunso ko, kya mejo dna ganu malikot, wag lang magiinvite ng mga playmates nia d2 or else, salusalubong ang kilay ng lola mu:)))


  14. I so love the blue figurine, its so nice, wahh this reminds me of putting the CHristmas decoration in the storage.


  15. bongacious ang bagong sofa mo te…I like the color…:) ganda nang model!


  16. You do have a really nice home. Love that new sectional couch. 🙂


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