another centerpiece

the fickle minded in me loves to turn things over and over here at the house, the “put-it -here-move-it-there” in me makes hubby and the kids a little intimidated because everyday they would see me thinking at the couch, they would play in chorus, “oh, wonder, what’s mommy gonna do next with her little thingies?”

like what i did with the center table during the weekends.


all the same porcelains, i know, i guess, i just so love them all-together. little accent was the yellow wood shavings made from thrift. the lid of the urn was broken by my kid so i had to replace it with those lucky bamboos i had posted it here. see, now, the bamboos have some little shoots, i keep replacing the water almost everyday!

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Love that ate!


  2. It’s a really pretty jar.


  3. LOL! you should make it a business—arranging furnitures.:p

    i like this shot.


  4. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Riz.


  5. oh lovely pottery and nice choice for a centrepiece!


  6. super cute! I like it…:) lumalabas na nga yong shoots…very creative ka talaga te…hanga ako sau!


  7. Beautiful blue pottery. I am always changing things up too. My blog changes backgrounds with the seasons, I’m sure people wonder if they are in the right place. Happy Blue Monday and many Blessings, Debbie


  8. hi there, just visiting. pls visit and follow my blog 2! tnx!


  9. suoer busy talaga ang may bahay dito…musta po ang valentine’s day nyo te?!


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