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Pink Saturday: DIY candle holder

i so loved candles and when they came a-plenty, some need holders so i can display them better and i don’t have a penny for new ones. instead, i rummaged through the storage and i found indeed some stuffs which i did turned into something useful.

these were stuffs i discarded out of an old chandelier i am currently "revamping"

i attached ornaments to this brass wires that i planned to re-varnish later

what do you think of these crystal-like plastic ornament?

i secure these crystal-like glasses using glue. can you even imagine they were all part of a big chandelier?

now, i glued some pink flowers around my candle. i decided not to overdo the brass holder itself to create a distressed and somehow antique look. did it?

now, i have my candle holder out of an old chandelier with zero dollar spent. and, BEHOLD, a PINK CANDLE!


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DIY: flower arrangement

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got this geometric shape plate at a bargain shop for 30 pesos

i cut out styro i found in the storage


bought this plastic sunflower bunch for fifty pesos

cut out the stem depending on the height you want for the project

glue it on the styro and add some twigs and greens depending on your planned style

smaller ferns and flowers cost as little as 20 pesos for a bunch, and the moss cost 10 pesos for this project

THE FINISHED PRODUCT...costs no more than 150 pesos ($3)



cross stitching i made for mom

Procrastination is taking a toll on me. I found out that  my unfinished cross stitching projects in the storage has found new denizens: termites! yaiks!

My SIL introduced me to cross stitching in 1993. i was hesitant because i’m sewing lots of baby stuffs, then. when our singer sewing machine broke down, i had the chance to do these simple projects…

a very simple project i gave to my mom

my mom's favorite

Jesus' face in silhouette. mom was in awe when i finished this one.

my work stills hangs above mom's altar...

surely, i missed my mom, who appreciates those simple cross stitches…i am missing the hoops and the needles, too.


christmas centerpiece