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another centerpiece

the fickle minded in me loves to turn things over and over here at the house, the “put-it -here-move-it-there” in me makes hubby and the kids a little intimidated because everyday they would see me thinking at the couch, they would play in chorus, “oh, wonder, what’s mommy gonna do next with her little thingies?”

like what i did with the center table during the weekends.


all the same porcelains, i know, i guess, i just so love them all-together. little accent was the yellow wood shavings made from thrift. the lid of the urn was broken by my kid so i had to replace it with those lucky bamboos i had posted it here. see, now, the bamboos have some little shoots, i keep replacing the water almost everyday!

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the cottage charm giveaway

if you wanna win this beautiful warmer

like i am goin’ gaga over it by just seeing it, let us come and celebrate with The Cottage Charm’s  1st blogversary.

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once a blue junk

Smiling Sally

found this moon cake tin can from my cousin's storage

though i felt bad, i never tasted the moon cake, i was glad she let me have this, as i have multiple ideas what to do with it...

instead of sleeping in the storage, it's now displayed in my counter top, as storage for this little confectioneries, or it can be a trinket storage...



how does the weekend goes for everybody? hope twas great. mine was spent keeping the christmas decorations on storage. and, redecorating the corners emptied by some of those christmas things…i am not yet satisfied, but for the meantime…i need photo ops ^_^. HAPPY MONDAY TO ALL!!!

yellow candles and yellow flowers to perk up a dull corner...

blue porcelain urns, with yellow and blue flowers, to highlight family portraits...



Blue Monday: old and new seat


i am sharing today at MELLOW YELLOW MONDAY and BLUE MONDAY the new look of our family room…

before we bought the new sofa set below, i knew i had to place these old country-style seating pieces here, instead of selling them as what other friends keep telling me. i love the contrast of the mahogany floor rug against the dark wood pieces accentuated by a blue painting on the wall, the blue towering jar on the side, and, few hints of small yellows as decors.

i’ve been eyeing for a new sofa for some months now, and when luck came knocking in…i grabbed this brown/ecru seater


my only concern now is…the blue curtains which i patiently sewed in time for the holidays became alienated with the newest arrival in our home :))) the only thing…THE RUBY NETBOOK SEEMS TO JIBE IN THE AREA…isn’t it?

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Christmas wish list

For the longest time, i haven’t had list for things that i wanted for Christmas, it’s more than enough for me that my kids had everything they’ve wished/asked for during Christmas season. Those things that i ever wanted, be it personal things, like shoes, blouses, i would make it a point to buy them during off-season, because  i always hated to buy my personal stuffs when most people were cramming to buy on the holidays.

However, when it comes to things around the house, be it appliances or fisher and paykel washing machines for sale, or home fixtures,  or a roman floating clock, perhaps…sometimes i wished i had my wish lists be realized before each year draws to an end

AND…as i always believed…wishes do come true…

What’s left on my wish list? I would be glad if i could have sets of these printed sheer curtains for the three rooms in the house. I made new curtains out of old sheers/fabrics for the living room. I think i’ve been good all these times, would Santa mind giving me those sheer curtains?

Ruby Tuesday: old ruby gifts

rubies i found in my counter: ladle set and utensils, few of the gifts that still survived from my wedding way back 1992. the ruby mug was from KFC which holds some chopsticks.

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