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inspired by dhemz photo on her displayed lucky bamboo. i started to make my own because there were many plants of that kind in our backyard. the last spiral bamboo in the house was years ago when dengue started as an epidemic and water plants is a no-no in our house anymore. pardon me for not googling much about the exact name of this plant specie.

i made this project the week my father passed away, that explains the late posting.

here are the pix.

i cut out stalks of this so-called chinese bamboo, or lucky bamboo as they say because according to feng shui experts, it is supposed to bring good luck to any household.

i discarded all the leaves. sorry for the dirt, it is raining the day i cut it out from the yard.

make sure you extract all the leaves from the ends of every  stalks so as not to see dried leaves once you displayed the finished project.

you can cut in any desired length you want, just make sure you cut near the ends of every “sections”. NOTE: spiral bamboos such as those we’re seeing in feng shui shops were done while the bamboo plant is still planted in the soil. they use small wires to bend unto desired shapes and sizes.

for now, i’ll stick to straight cut only. the simplest designs for these cute bamboos.

found me an empty bottle of cheezee, perfect to hold a bunch of these lucky bamboo, and an indigenous cloth. just remember not to put much water (to avoid mosquito from nesting in it) and more water would make the cut stalks rot easily. just make sure to wet completely the stalks everyday til you see leaves sprouting.

would it be a nice gift this holiday season?