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Pink Saturday: DIY candle holder

i so loved candles and when they came a-plenty, some need holders so i can display them better and i don’t have a penny for new ones. instead, i rummaged through the storage and i found indeed some stuffs which i did turned into something useful.

these were stuffs i discarded out of an old chandelier i am currently "revamping"

i attached ornaments to this brass wires that i planned to re-varnish later

what do you think of these crystal-like plastic ornament?

i secure these crystal-like glasses using glue. can you even imagine they were all part of a big chandelier?

now, i glued some pink flowers around my candle. i decided not to overdo the brass holder itself to create a distressed and somehow antique look. did it?

now, i have my candle holder out of an old chandelier with zero dollar spent. and, BEHOLD, a PINK CANDLE!


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