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Christmas wish list

For the longest time, i haven’t had list for things that i wanted for Christmas, it’s more than enough for me that my kids had everything they’ve wished/asked for during Christmas season. Those things that i ever wanted, be it personal things, like shoes, blouses, i would make it a point to buy them during off-season, because  i always hated to buy my personal stuffs when most people were cramming to buy on the holidays.

However, when it comes to things around the house, be it appliances or fisher and paykel washing machines for sale, or home fixtures,  or a roman floating clock, perhaps…sometimes i wished i had my wish lists be realized before each year draws to an end

AND…as i always believed…wishes do come true…

What’s left on my wish list? I would be glad if i could have sets of these printed sheer curtains for the three rooms in the house. I made new curtains out of old sheers/fabrics for the living room. I think i’ve been good all these times, would Santa mind giving me those sheer curtains?


Blue Monday: salvaged curtains

it saddened me that i hadn’t had new curtains for the longest time. and,  suddenly, it gladdened my heart when last saturday, when i was rummaging things in the storage, found and idea to re-do some old curtains of my mom.

here’s what i sewed during the weekend…

found  silk fabric from my mom’s old sheets and i transformed them into little blue swags which i paired off with white sheer chiffon to create drama on a false window. then i added also mom’s old room curtain with blue prints and sewed them pleated style.

viola! my DIY curtains with zero dollar spent!

i fancy those made to order modern silk and lacy curtains, but since i have no budget for that, i may have to used up my sewing ability to come up with something that would fancy my pockets. this way, my blue-themed curtains “newly” hangs in my windows…