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bargain finds

when i went bargain hunting few weeks ago, i was trying to look for some unique candelabras. i never find one to my liking, besides, the frugality in me struck! so, i veered away to other things that caught my fancy. found these stuffs. considering their thrifted price, i thought they were pretty pieces. my sister-in-law said, “how was it anything beautiful to you”. i thought i was hearing Niecy Nash’s screeching voice...junk, clutter, she would say in her tv show Clean House. but, then, as i have envisioned where these stuffs would go,  i hurriedly paid them out!

yes, i adore decorative plates...

and, so this one, even if it has few scratches, i took it home dearly...lest somebody elsemight grab it!

I had placed the rooster decorated plate HERE.

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