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Blue Monday: old and new seat


i am sharing today at MELLOW YELLOW MONDAY and BLUE MONDAY the new look of our family room…

before we bought the new sofa set below, i knew i had to place these old country-style seating pieces here, instead of selling them as what other friends keep telling me. i love the contrast of the mahogany floor rug against the dark wood pieces accentuated by a blue painting on the wall, the blue towering jar on the side, and, few hints of small yellows as decors.

i’ve been eyeing for a new sofa for some months now, and when luck came knocking in…i grabbed this brown/ecru seater


my only concern now is…the blue curtains which i patiently sewed in time for the holidays became alienated with the newest arrival in our home :))) the only thing…THE RUBY NETBOOK SEEMS TO JIBE IN THE AREA…isn’t it?

Linking this post to RUBY TUESDAY, as well…