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bargain finds

when i went bargain hunting few weeks ago, i was trying to look for some unique candelabras. i never find one to my liking, besides, the frugality in me struck! so, i veered away to other things that caught my fancy. found these stuffs. considering their thrifted price, i thought they were pretty pieces. my sister-in-law said, “how was it anything beautiful to you”. i thought i was hearing Niecy Nash’s screeching voice...junk, clutter, she would say in her tv show Clean House. but, then, as i have envisioned where these stuffs would go,  i hurriedly paid them out!

yes, i adore decorative plates...

and, so this one, even if it has few scratches, i took it home dearly...lest somebody elsemight grab it!

I had placed the rooster decorated plate HERE.

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end-table redo

I always had a penchant for anything vignettes. Come dry season here in our tropical country,  when leaves and twigs would dry out and turned to brown, i would go out in the fields, searched every dried flowers and twigs that would caught my fancy. And, so the ones you see on the left in a thrifted white tea pot which i made as a vase, were few of the wild flowers that have become dried and i had collected years back.

Since i had an ecru/brown couch beside it, i thought it was never meant to be there anymore, i thought it was looking for a new home, and so, this end-table needed few colors to complement the couch.

i had to take a snap before relocating some of the stuffs here:

that was then...

thought it was about time these animal printed plates joined forces...

i meant to replace the table runner with a longer one, but then, i would want to keep the simplicity of it to give highlight more to the array of displays atop

i wouldn't miss the twin candles i found on a thrift...AND, THERE IT GOES...revamped!!!

Transformation Thursday

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Frugalicious Friday

another centerpiece

the fickle minded in me loves to turn things over and over here at the house, the “put-it -here-move-it-there” in me makes hubby and the kids a little intimidated because everyday they would see me thinking at the couch, they would play in chorus, “oh, wonder, what’s mommy gonna do next with her little thingies?”

like what i did with the center table during the weekends.


all the same porcelains, i know, i guess, i just so love them all-together. little accent was the yellow wood shavings made from thrift. the lid of the urn was broken by my kid so i had to replace it with those lucky bamboos i had posted it here. see, now, the bamboos have some little shoots, i keep replacing the water almost everyday!

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the cottage charm giveaway

if you wanna win this beautiful warmer

like i am goin’ gaga over it by just seeing it, let us come and celebrate with The Cottage Charm’s  1st blogversary.

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Japanese-bloodtyping / Mixed Martial Arts

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Pink Saturday: DIY candle holder

i so loved candles and when they came a-plenty, some need holders so i can display them better and i don’t have a penny for new ones. instead, i rummaged through the storage and i found indeed some stuffs which i did turned into something useful.

these were stuffs i discarded out of an old chandelier i am currently "revamping"

i attached ornaments to this brass wires that i planned to re-varnish later

what do you think of these crystal-like plastic ornament?

i secure these crystal-like glasses using glue. can you even imagine they were all part of a big chandelier?

now, i glued some pink flowers around my candle. i decided not to overdo the brass holder itself to create a distressed and somehow antique look. did it?

now, i have my candle holder out of an old chandelier with zero dollar spent. and, BEHOLD, a PINK CANDLE!


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